sliding doors repair Singapore (Customized services)

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sliding doors repair singapore
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Our guys are honest, experienced and trustworthy sliding doors repair Singapore contractor. Your call is very important to us as not only good opportunity for our business, we feel good to give advice for customers who may need help to get people solving their indoors issue. All comments and feedback from our customers are valuable add to our company. Once we get request, if require, we will inspect the site and understanding to our customer request. Following our inspection and valuation, we will give advice and options for customers to get their own selection. Once our works completed, we will get our customer to verify our works prior to final payment. Our goal is to get good customer satisfaction. When we see our customer happy, we feel satisfied too. Kindly to call us +65 6817 5074 for our wooden door frame repair and we would like to serve you.

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Sliding doors repair Singapore

We will help you to solve not only the sliding doors repair Singapore but also issues such as doors and sliding doors damage, leakage, electrical short circuit, lighting, fan installation, roofing services, roof water leakage, marble and parquet polishing, patching and painting, wiring, bell installation, door frame installation, stainless steel rubbish chute installation, air con services etc. We provide prompt reply and advice to ease your worry.

Call us +65 6817 5074 for quotes now.

Specialized in doors repair and installation and other services (Slding doors repair Singapore)

  • Office door

  • Wooden door

  • Glass aluminium sliding door

  • Toilet doors

  • Electrical automatic doors

  • UPVC doors

  • Ward rope door


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Trustworthy workmanships

Our company has helped many household and businesses solving in door services. As experienced gained from helping our customers, our workmanship are a warranty to our customer. We seldom get our customer complains. If have any, we will re visit and make sure everything are in good conditions.

Thank you

for calling us.

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